Personal Data Protection

  1. Consent of the Person Concerned to the Processing of the Personal Data

On condition you give your consent to the provision and processing of specific personal data you confirm that the operator provided information to you related to the processing of your personal data in terms and in the extent of the Article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, further only as „GDPR regulation“) and in compliance with the Act No. 18/2018 on Protection of Personal Data, further, that you were informed about the rights and duties of the person concerned and that you give your consent to the processing of your Personal Data: name, surname, e-mail address, postal and billing address, telephone contact (further only as „personal data“) by the operator:

The Slovak National Gallery (Slovenská národná galéria) with its seat at Riečna 1, 815 13 Bratislava, Company ID number: 00164712 (further only as the „operator“) for the purpose of:

  • marketing activities (sending direct mails, newsletters, programmes of exhibitions, information about public events as vernissages, performances, programmes organized by Kunsthalle Bratislava).

  • publication of photographs and videos recorded at the events

The consent relates to all processing activities executed with personal data for the same purpose.

The person concerned gives his consent to the processing of the personal data for the period of 5 years after such consent is granted. After the lapsing of the period mentioned here above, the operator shall without any delay discard (erase) the provided personal data from the information systems of the operator. This is not valid on condition the person concerned exercised his/her right to deletion in compliance with the Article No. 17 of the GDPR regulation.

At any time, you may decide to withdraw your consent in written to the address of the operator or by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address You may withdraw your consent to receive marketing communication about news and current offers of the programme in every e-mail by clicking on the ,,unsubscribe from mailing list“ button.

The person concerned has, under the terms and conditions set in the GDPR regulation, the right to request from the operator access to personal data related to the person concerned and the right to have them rectified or have them erased, or restrict the way how the personal data are processed, or the right to object to their processing, as well as the right to data accuracy. The rights of the person concerned are set out in more details in Articles No. 15 to 23 of the GDPR regulation and on the website of the operator

The operator has appointed a Responsible Person for Personal Data Protection, who can be addressed by the person concerned in relation to all of the questions related to the processing of his/her personal data and exercising his/her rights in terms of the GDPR regulation; contact details of the responsible person of the operator: e-mail: or in written to the address of the operator indicating: „GDPR responsible person“.

  1. What Data We Collect

When providing our services, we collect the following data about you:

  1. Data for sending the programme of exhibitions, newsletter and news

Should you decide to receive marketing information about our activities, we collect also data related to this. The only mandatory data are your name and e-mail address, which we use for the purpose to communicate with you.

Should you give your consent to us, we will keep your e-mail address also for the purpose to send you information about our programme, exhibitions and weekly news.

  1. Data acquired when using our websites

When you use our web pages, we get data about how you use them. This information is related to your interactions when visiting our web pages

We obtain data about devices and computers you use to get access to our services, including IP addresses, settings of browsers, information about operating systems, eventually information about your mobile device, information, from which website you access us, the pages you visit as well as information from cookies and similar tools.

  1. How We Use the Data

We use the data you provided us for the following purposes:

  1. Communication with you

We use your contact data for the purposes of marketing activities (sending direct mails, newsletters, programmes of exhibitions, information about public events, information about vernissages, performances, competitions as well as programmes organized by Kunsthalle Bratislava).

3.2 Publication of photographs and videos recorded at the events

The events organized by the operator are of public nature. Your personal data are processed, in the extent of photographs and video records related to the person of the participant or his/her own image in relation to his/her participation in the Event organized by the operator, for the purpose of their collection (publication) and usage, by means of their distribution to the partners of the Event with the reason to document the conduction of the Event and by publishing them on the web page of the operator, social networks, press releases and at the co-organizers and for the purpose of promoting the organizers, art and culture. The photographs and video records are processed also in order to ensure control, within the frame of which it is necessary to document that the Event was conducted, as the precondition to the compliance with the legal requirement to submit the claims of the operator, accounting documents, eventually other legal claims pursuant to specific legislation based on legitimate interests of the operator consisting of demonstrating compliance with legal obligations.

Please note that when moving in a clearly marked area captured by a designated photographer/camera operator, you give your consent to this processing of personal data. Should you disagree with it, you have the possibility to avoid moving in the captured area, eventually object to such audio and video recording of your person effectively at any time. Your portrait will be anonymised in such a case.

4. Security and Protection of Rights

We use your data also in order to secure the safety of the services provided, to be able to react to any claims that were raised against us, for the purpose of handling potential proceedings before state and other bodies that supervise our activities and in order to be able to recover claims that have arisen to us.

4.1 Cookies

Cookies are pieces of data that are stored in your browser or on mobile device while browsing the web pages.

Different cookies have different "shelf life" – different period of storage on your device. Some cookies are deleted from your device right after you close the browser window (session cookie), others remain stored on your device also after having finished the browsing of the web pages (permanent cookie).

4.2 Why Do We Use Cookies

Cookies make it possible for us to store your actions and preferences, e.g. in the course of a certain period of time, in order that you do not need to enter them repeatedly all the time when visiting a certain web page again or transferring from one web page to another.

At the same time, cookies help us understand what you are interested in when visiting our web page, whether it is sufficiently transparent to you and you can find the information what you look for. Hence, we use cookies also with the purpose to improve the user experience.

Cookies can also record other types of information, as the number of visitors of our web pages and also which subpages of our web are visited by you the most frequently.

We use analytical cookies that help us get information about the traffic on our internet site, information about searches executed on our website as well as find out how you move through our website in order that we are able to make it as easy for you as possible to use. Whereas we have taken some steps related to these cookies in order to prevent abuses (anonymization on the side of our suppliers) and, at the same time, we have implemented measures to help you easily check and limit the usage of these cookies, we do not ask for your consent to use them. We use the solutions of the following third parties in relation to these cookies:

  • Google Analytics

    Address: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland

    You can find more detailed information about privacy protection here, while you can install a software add-on accessible here, if you want to disable cookies.

4.3 How You Can Limit the Usage of Cookies

There is a way of how to process or limit the way how we and our partners use cookies and similar technologies. It is, for example, by setting your internet browser: whilst the majority of the browsers have a basic setup allowing them to accept cookies, their settings make it possible for you to delete or disable cookies. However, we must warn you that in such a case some services provided may not work properly.

5. Legal Basis

We have to inform you about the legal basis of your personal data processing, which is:

  1. Consent – particularly in relation to receiving commercial communication about news and current offers, or in case of other forms of marketing. Every consent given is voluntary and you can withdraw it any time, however, withdrawing your consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on the consent you gave prior to withdrawal. You can withdraw your consent to the sending of commercial communication about the news and current offers in every e-mail by clicking on the ,,unsubscribe from the mailing list“ button. We will unsubscribe you in case you write us on our e-mail address

  2. Fulfilment of the target set by the Act No. 206/2009 Coll. Acts on museums and galleries and on the protection of objects of cultural significance that governs:

    1. the status and tasks of museums and galleries, their establishment and cancellation, conditions under which basic professional activities in the museum and gallery are executed when acquiring, protecting and presenting the objects of cultural significance as part of cultural heritage,

    2. the protection of objects of cultural significance that are registered under this Act and are not protected and registered under specific regulations governing the protection of cultural heritage.

6. Who the Recipients of Your Data Are

We do not publish your personal data, we do not provide them, neither do we provide any access to them to any other entities, with the exemptions described here below:

6.1If you ask us to do so

We publish personal data or make them accessible if you request it from us.


6.2 In cases of external processing

Some of our suppliers have access to your personal data. They process them on our behalf, based on our instructions and in compliance with this document. When doing so, they keep to all the requested security, technical and organizational measures, so that the requested protection is given to your personal data.

Currently, the following belong among these partners:

Google Ireland Limited (Google analytics)

Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland

MailChimp / The Rocket Science Group LLC (sending newsletters)

675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 USA

Swan a.s.(website hosting

Borská 6
841 04 Bratislava


Halfpixel s.r.o.(Website

Tomanova 51/A 
Bratislava 831 07 

6.3 Due to legal reasons and in order to avoid damages

We can also retain your personal data or make them accessible to other persons in order to meet the obligations resulting from legal regulations, from requirements of state and other bodies, in order to recover our claims or to defend ourselves in proceedings where others want to recover their claims against us.

For example, courts, state and other bodies executing supervision of our activities, resolving disputes or implementing decisions, or our accounting advisers and auditors belong to the categories of third persons whom we make the personal data accessible to due to reasons indicated above.

6.4 Transmission to third countries

We do not actively transmit your personal data to third countries outside the EU. However, some partners, with whom we cooperate when processing the personal data execute such transmissions, specifically to the USA. The persons, who get access to these data in the USA, keep to the US-EU Privacy Shield conditions, while providing adequate level of protection of your personal data.

6.5 For how long do we retain your data

As you have no account created, we retain your personal data related to the executed order for no longer than strictly necessary, what is usually five years after their submission.

On condition we use your personal data for the purpose to deliver commercial communication to your e-mail address or in other cases where you have given us your consent to do so, we retain these data until you withdraw the relevant consent. In cases when we use your data based on the purpose set by any of the laws described in Chapter 5 Legal Basis, we retain your data until the reason of their processing drops.

6.6 Right of access to data

You have the right to get a confirmation from us whether there are any personal data concerning you being processed at us and in case we process your personal data we will give you information about what kind of data about you we process, for what purpose, whom were your data provided to and for how long we are going to retain your personal data.

6.7 Right of rectification

Should you think that our institution processes incorrect personal data about you, you can exercise this right to ask us directly to rectify them on the address It is important to us that we process correct personal data about you, for this reason we ask you to exercise this right definitely every time, when, e.g. you move to another location or there is any change in any of your personal data that is very important in the relation between you and us.

6.8 Right for deletion (right to be forgotten)

You have the right to have your personal data that are being processed by us deleted, in case the following conditions are met and no legal exemptions are being applied:

  • the data are not needed anymore for the purposes for which they were collected

  • you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data and there is no other legal basis for their processing

  • relating to your specific situation you object the processing of your personal data that are processed on the basis of legitimate interest and legitimate interests for processing do not outweigh or you object the processing for direct marketing purposes

  • the personal data were processed unlawfully.

6.9 Right to object

You have the right to object the data processing that is based on our legitimate lawful interests. Should there be no compelling, legitimate and lawful reason on our side for processing and should you object to such processing, we will no longer process your personal data.

6.10 Lodging complaints

Should you wish to lodge a complaint regarding the way how your personal data are processed, including exercising the rights indicated here above, you can contact our Responsible person. All your suggestions and complaints will be examined duly.

If you are not satisfied with our answer or you think that we process your personal data unfairly or unlawfully, you can lodge a complaint at the supervising body that is the Office for Protection of Personal Data of the Slovak Republic (Úrad na ochranu osobných údajov Slovenskej republiky),, Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27; tel. No.: +421 /2/ 3231 3214; E-mail address:

6.11 Withholding the consent

Giving your consent is voluntary and its withholding does not result in impossibility to take part on the Events. However, if you do not give us your consent, you will not get information and invitations from us to our future events, exhibitions, programmes and other events, newsletters or other forms of direct marketing communication related to our events and news.


7. Who We Are and Where Can You Get in Touch with Us

Related to the processing of your personal data the operator is the Slovak National Gallery (Slovenská národná galéria) with its seat at Riečna 1, 815 13 Bratislava, Company ID number: 00164712

Should you have any questions related to this document or to the usage of your personal data or you wish to exercise your rights described herein, you can contact us via e-mail on the address or in written on the address of our institution.